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Kansas City Based Jazz Vocalist Eboni Fondren Performs at G20 Summit In India

Sep 13, 2023
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Kansas City's very own, Eboni Fondren, was chosen to represent the United States on an international stage in India's G-20 Summit choir.


Gerald Dunn

Eboni Wardine Fondren, a Chicago native, is making a significant impact in music and theater with a career spanning two decades. Eboni's remarkable talents in singing, dancing, and acting were evident from an early age, influenced by her musically inclined family and her love for classic soul, R&B, and jazz.

In college, Eboni's passion for jazz deepened under the guidance of Everette DeVan, an acclaimed Hammond B-3 organ player and bandleader. She refined her showmanship and jazz ensemble leadership skills.

Eboni is also a sought-after jazz vocalist, leading projects like "Eboni and the Ivories" and contributing to the "Lost Wax Band." Her melodious voice has graced The Jam Magazine's covers, representing Kansas City in Chicago.

Eboni's collaborations include sharing the stage with renowned ensembles like the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra and the Salina Symphony, and she's performed at festivals and clubs in the U.S. and abroad.

Compared to legends like Nancy Wilson and Ella Fitzgerald, Eboni Fondren's dynamic performances leave audiences captivated and yearning for more. Her dedication and ability to connect make her a rising star in music and theater.




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