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7pm - 10PM
5pm - 11PM
7pm - 11PM
1600 E 18th St, Kansas City,
MO 64108, United States


Where Jazz Vibes

FREE Monday Night Jam Sessions (7-10PM)
FREE Jazz @ Noon (first and second Thursdays)
FREE Indigo Hour (every Friday at 5PM)
Friday Night Sets @ 8:30 and 10PM
Saturday Night Sets @ 8:30 and 10PM
($10 for one set, $15 for both. Some show prices vary)

Schedule varies. See full schedule and reserve tickets here.


In the 1930s, the Street Hotel located at 18th & The Paseo was known as a safe place for African American travelers. Included in The Negro Motorist Green Book, it’s where Jackie Robinson lived when he was in town. The hotel’s famous night club was called "The Blue Room." Named after the famous lounge, our jazz club is both an exhibit and a venue that provides an intimate setting for performances from the best local and national jazz talent.

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What is the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District?

18th & Vine is internationally recognized as one of the cradles of jazz music and a historic hub of African American businesses. Many jazz musicians of the 1930s and 1940s made 18th & Vine their home, Charlie Parker being the most notable of the era from Kansas City. Learn more about the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District when you visit the 18th & Vine: A People’s Journey video in the Horace Peterson Visitor Center Theater.

What is the Blue Room?

Named after the famed 1930s Street Hotel club in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District, the Blue Room simultaneously honors the past and showcases the present names in jazz. A multifaceted exhibit highlighting the countless musicians who crafted “Kansas City jazz,” a sound known all over the world, the Blue Room also provides a distinctive platform to present dynamic performances from the best local and national jazz talent in an intimate setting. The Blue Room hosts over 20 lives shows each month.

Where can I hear live jazz?

The American Jazz Museum is proud to produce over 20 live jazz shows each month, not counting special performances and events. Our Blue Room is a living exhibit in our museum proper and operates as a live jazz club with performances on Monday evenings, Thursdays at noon, Friday happy hour an evening shows, and Saturday night sets. Special events and concerts are also hosted in the historic Gem Theater. See our events page for more information and upcoming show listings. Please note that our performance schedule varies each month.




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